Friday, December 13, 2013

Society Today

Its absolutely outrageous to see what the society is slowly becoming into. Druglords, snatch thieves, rapists, serial killers etc. is a pure sheer of hint to what our world is becoming of - regardless of which part of the world you are in. Is that our major threat though?

Honestly, not necessarily. Because if you have come to known certain normal-looking people but with evil hearts, massive terrible intentions that would harm someone; it is just as terrible as the first scenario. Or perhaps, even worse, as you are not imparted by no drugs or whatnot - and yet you have the intentions to put someone in an awful place.

Allow me to provide an example - a young lad get into a company, he was truly excited and boisterous because he figured (probably is) a stepping stone to his success, he came in with this sense of hope and enthusiasm and optimism - only to be let down by the attitude of (colleagues/managers). Because he realized that instead of working as a team - he has been back-stabbed and being spoken ill of as well as being blamed upon when any unfavourable results happen. Nasty, but that is life. This shit happens. I have heard stories, even experienced my own.

So anyway, this is going to be a short post - but I would really appreciate if you lot could give your opinions on this topic. :)

Cheerios cranberians,


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