Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life as you grow older

Just got back from a lunch date with a close friend of mine. She's absolutely a doll. We were just talking about everything under the sun - from work to relationships and family. Having to juggle all of this under tremendous stress from either one is unbearable, but then imagine yourself having to face this sort of stress from all kinds of directions. Ah. Say goodbye to your sanity.

Some would say - stay positive. Your thoughts can be more powerful than you think! Yes, undeniable, but how long can someone stay positive when the vibes around is all negative? We couldn't figure that out.
Regardless, I do believe in the power of optimism! It does play an effect. Another thing we agreed upon is your biggest enemy is yourself, whereas your closest friend is also yourself. Happiness is definitely within one's reach. How you rate your happiness is solely based on the decisions you make.
Oh, how true!

I  must say, working in a corporate world, having a foreigner bf, with insufficient funds while living in a city is none too easy. I am struggling, but I am sure at the end of this, I am bound to gain so much more than just experiences. I learn to grow stronger, to adapt in any living environment and deal with different kinds of people. The world, indeed, is your oyster.

Anyway, so long cranberrians!

Stay tuned to my next post!

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