Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Messages


"Su...! Drink up mate! Cause we're going to partay at Boston's clubs after this! We got to be shitfaced by then! Drinks in them clubs are way too fucking expensive!" Mary yelled.

"Alright, alright love, hand me them Jameson," while I took a swig of it and stumbled towards Mary and Liz. 

I was in Boston Harbor, standing on the brink of the bridge looking at my best mates, Mary and Liz chugging Irish Whisky, high as fuck while waiting for the fireworks show to start. One of the best  moments in my little Asian life, as I journey into a whole new beginning with one of the closest people I know. Oh, I miss them so bloody much. Being away from them is brutal. 

Anyway....Can you fucking believe that it's nearly the end of 2013?! I still remember my first new year's celebration in the United States counting down to the year 2013 so vividly its like deja vu and here I am fast forward a year later, in MALAYSIA, taking a stroll down this memory lane. 

Time, indeed, is such a precious gem. To me, to you, to everyone in this world.

In a glimpse of an eye, your once-a-toddler is now a I'm-always-right-teenager, and your parents whom used to hold that toddler up with such intense strength is now growing much older. *sniffs*

Hence, I want to take this opportunity to remind you lot that time is the only thing that cannot be turned back and which would cost you arms and legs should you not hurry the fuck up and start cherish the remains - especially with your loved ones. 


When I first returned to Malaysia, I had the most preposterous rage and temper ever especially towards my family. Had I realized what a dumb mofo I was, I would turn back time just to smack myself in the groins I've always thought I had. The anger, the swirls of emotions.. wasn't worthy of the time spent not talking to my mom. I have literally wasted a good solid week of amazing communication and time spent with her. Alas, the point here is to regret and realize your mistake so that there will be this tiny chance for you to rectify things. 

Though this year has been a kickass-one-of-a-kind journey for myself, I believe that it will be better for the years to come. 

And to  my mates in the states, here are my wishes to you lot

Dear Mary and Liz and your loveliest boyfriends,

Stay happy and healthy always, you lot will always be my besties and one of the most important part in my life. I know that I will be back soon, and craziness with a whole barrels of dancing and insanity will rejoice in our presence and all will be good. I miss you lot so much! 

Cheers and love always,
little su su (eggroll)

Dear Phoebe,

You have been through all the hardship that only a strong young girl like yourself is able to endure. You are a great friend, a darn strong one, and I miss your friendship so badly too. Never give up to temptations or care about what others have to say about you. Let them be and let them say. Be the better person. And live your life. 

Love you girl,

Dear Meg and John,

You both made a significant impact in my life. I love how you both work so hard and never giving up to the shitty world. I love how Meg is so protective and such an amazing mate! You, indeed, are another precious gem in my life that I would never forget, ever! And again, I know I will be back to you! Life's too short not spending around the people you love - so keep your chin up, fingers cross - praying that I will get a job in the states in a year's time and we'll be reunited!

Warmest Wishes and love always,
Emily (little asian)

Dear Belkis,

You, strong hot mamasita! My life inspiration. You have taught me to never give up during the darkest hour - to constantly cherish your loved ones despite of their differences and whatnot. I love you always, my classmate, my love. I miss you a whole lot too - especially your alcoholic eggnog? ahhaha. Please make a whole barrel for me so I can toss and drown myself in that delish alcohol!

Love you so much! (do send my love to all your beautiful chickas)
Emily (little asian)
Here's my whacky family and boyfriend - minus my little brother and his chick. 



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