Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

It's 6.30 pm in the evening - still at work on a New Year's eve, typing away trying to finish up a proposal on Thursday, January 2nd 2014! Yes, a day after new year. Well, I guess work is like that - it's hardly like the times back in college whereby you are able to procrastinate till the late end of the semester before walloping 5 hugeass thick textbooks for the paper due the next day. You got to apply for leave in advance, even then, it is essential that 99% of your work is completed or you'd be in dipshit the day you return to work. At times even, a vacation is not like your typical lay-on-the-beach all day long vacation because when you are bound to receive work mails on your 'SMARTPHONE' [whoever that created it - not sure if he/she is a genius or merely loves working] - which means, obligation to check up on work!

Regardless of the rant I just made earlier about being lifeless while working, I ain't giving in to it. Heck, I am still going to partay later. Its a celebration for a brand new year after all. Life's too short to not celebrate with a bunch of crazies and just have drinks/fun!

Anyway - have a fantastic New Year celebration y'all!!

Love you lots!!


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