Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why did I return to Malaysia..

Alright.. Ever since I've returned to Malaysia, things are not as homely as I thought it would be. People, well, they are not so close knitted as I have expected. You know how when you were young and you longed to travel overseas to widen your horizon and your old folks would say - them foreigners are cold-blooded.

Honestly, where the shat do they get those idea from - beats the shit out of me. I don't know.

They, for sure, especially having to personally experienced them myself, are friendlier and homelier than anyone else I have ever met in Malaysia!

For instance, during a certain festive season, the white folks would have their homes decorated, rich or poor, large or small families - they will make sure that their homes are cozy and comfy, all food prepared from scratch, they will invite nice foreigners like myself to their humble space. Then, we would be talking about all sorts of things under the sun, drinking wine, playing board games, singing, dancing - etc. as opposed to Asians, gambling and gossiping.

Don't mind me, I most certainly do not have the faintest clue as to why I feel such disdain. I dont care who and what race you are - but I strongly believe that we are all humans on earth - and we ought to help and be good to one another.

But one thing for sure, i miss AMERICA so so so much! and all my pals over there!

What do I DO!?

PRay tell me, darling readers.
Nonetheless, I love you all still! <3 ever="" more="" p="" than="">

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