Monday, October 7, 2013

Back in the homeland!

Its been a solid four-month time period since I've been back to this glorious soil, Malaysia. Remember my sweet boyfriend of mine? Yep, he's back with me! You know, we have been through quite a lot of crazy shits together. Boy, was it a bloody roller coaster ride alright! These few months have not been easy for any of us, especially that brave young man. I ought to give him all the credits. He uprooted his entire life, sold everything he's had back home, EVERYTHING, and embarked on this buoyed wavy, full-of-risks journey with me! It's a complete different world over here, I must say. I myself, always felt, and still am, so out of place. Like I don't belong here. Don't get me wrong, I love the people here, everything is simply so very enchanting and mind-blowing with the multi-culture, diversity and beautiful tropical country. Its just that, to properly get acquainted with someone from Malaysia on the same wavelength is somewhat a couple of thousand miles apart, as opposed to making new friends in America. See, what I'm trying to say is, if I, a Malaysian don't feel too homely here, I can only imagine how that poor baby of mine is experiencing!

Anyway, we got back sometime in July, 2013 and have been straight on looking for jobs. High and low, up and down. Tough times are just around the corner, especially when the economy is facing a downward spiral. Especially when that particular job seeker is a foreigner in Malaysia. We have met with so many headhunters, connected with several people, applied to jobs via newspaper and online but it all swish swash away just like the wind. Then, I got a job offer, and started my job. It was definitely much more harder on that big guy.

There wasn't anything much I could do but to be extra supportive. Remember how I wasn't too good at loving anyone? This is different. I was willing to help him in any way without asking for anything in return. All I ever wanted for him is to be happy. Deep down inside, I have this strong faith in my boy that he would do great things. He would make a name for him in this global platform. So, hear my prayer Almighty God up there, I don't know what your plans are, but I am damn sure it contains great plans for the both of us. I appreciate you sending this man to me. I am pretty sure there is a reason behind it. But please, give us more time to make this through. Give us a sign that he can stay here. Please open up doors for him. A glimmer light that will give him a sense of hope. He's changed alot, and I am so effing proud of him. So please, give him a sign. Any sign. I pray to you Lord,

So readers, you see, in life, you will face all sorts of obstacles in life. Please bear in mind that these struggles will only make you stronger and wiser. Do not succumb to failures and give up hope. Hope is a very important ingredient in your life. Have faith in yourself. And keep moving forward.


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