Monday, October 8, 2012

Grad school +living in the United States ain't easy

OHMYGOD! Has it been um several months since I've last posted? I am awfully sorry about this! I was so caught up with my volunteer + internship +job searching + grad school research work + cooking and cleaning up, I haven't got a spare second to even take a dump!

-Just Kidding- I am already full of shit, imagine if I had not taken a dump since my last post - I would be overflowing with poop by now!

Pff. So, its been six months with my God's gift to me - a great boyfriend. Been through a couple of ups and downs. For sure. But things are definitely going great for us.

I have just applied for a job at the university police department - crossing my fingers tightly - hoping that I would bloody make it. (I will get the results tomorrow from my pal!)
And I am currently interning at MassPIRG running this campaign - New Voters Registration (to get student to register so that they are able to cast their votes for the upcoming Presidential Election).
Also, a volunteer at a huge American Organization - AmeriCorps (Jumpstart) whereby I will be reading to preschool children + teaching them. I am receiving my first training tomorrow and I am totally looking forward to it already!

These couple of days, been down with horrible flu (caught it from my bf)! boo! But its so cute because we are two sick lovebirds that are doing a great job taking care of one another.

oh oh. I had dinner with his nana the other night. Initially I was beyond terrified - I wanted his family to like me - for sure. And boy was I relieved when his nana gently cupped my face like a chubby kid with both her hands telling me I am a great partner to her grandchild. I love her already. She was telling us that john and I make a great couple, John's brother and his gf of 9 years (WOWSER!), john's dad and his gf, and her husband is watching her ffrom above. She is still wearing his ring. He fought in WW2, returned to her - took great care of her. She neither drove the car nor lifted a finger to do anything. (that was back in the olden days where males believe that they oughta do everything for their ladies) I saw her sad eyes and her choky voice while telling her sad love story. I nearly cried. It was the most loving story I have ever heard.

So thatas basically the highlights of my life during my absence here. Don't worry darling readers for I shall never leave you out of my so very exciting life. =)

Gotta run to do my homework and wait for my baby to come home to me.
Till then, Adios!


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