Monday, July 16, 2012

Proper date night?

Okay, so we slowly waltzed our way into this beautiful relationship. John and I, we carved this gorgeous handmade vase from scratch, from recycled clay (as he would do - he's in the pottery class).

However. I noticed we haven't gone on a proper date before, where we would just dress up nicely and all. I was thinking I should totally suggest that to him because this would be really awesome. So, what do I ought to propose?

hmm, so I was thinking a dinner and.. what next really? Oh oh, what about a walk in the park, then heading off to a bar? How does that sound? Because all I want to do is to dress up really really nicely with proper proper lady make up and gorgeous killer heels on a night out with him.

Okay, so I am going to shoot him a message to let him know. Nonetheless, if you lot have suggestions, any suggestions at all regarding this 'first date night' for my man and I, do pen down your thoughts and ideas because I could really use some of those! Creative ones, sexy ones, kinky ones, anything. I'm absolutely up for it!


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