Monday, July 16, 2012

Housewife minus the babies

Thats right. I'm a full time student and recently, a full time housewife. (thats what my boyfriend calls me). Basically, no one knew I had this in me because fellow folks, I ain't one to do housewhores - oops, housechores. I must say this American boy brings the best out of me, like a lady. Don't get me wrong, I love doing it - ever since I met him, I have the need to ensure that he's well fed, bed's made, dishes washed etc. This bloke is even asking me to vacuum his place. Ha- ha. So, we went over to his dad's place for lunch. There were babies scattered everywhere. Us being young and all of course do not have marriage and kids in our vocabularies. Nonetheless, babies are dolls. Especially Italian-portugese bred babies. I couldn't resist. Neither could my man, sonto speak. You guys oughta see my big man (anti-babies) doing his scrunched up weird facial expression just to make this baby laugh - dude, he was hillarious and hes softening up. Anyway, this really. CUte baby was crawling around and playing around this dangerous area- i just had to picl her up and put her to a safer place. I guess its from the motherly instinct that grew on me upon meeting and having to take care of my man. As I carried her up, my boyfriend had that astounding look - haha. It was simply hillarious! He seemed rather shocked to be seeing me lifting up a baby - carrying her in my arms. That was one of the best moments in my life.

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