Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A break from the civilization

It is offcial. I need a geatway from Everything and everyone. Just me, my ipod with the most random songs in it plus a little black dress book in a park. Just got off lunch with One of my fav people and it was absolutely fun! Then made my way up to the office and had the best chat with all my ex Colleagues, esp dan! That bloke is literally my fav supervisor in lowell! That was my quota for the day. I dont think i could handle any more socializing, hence here I am at the park. I dont I just want to spend some quality time alone, chilling, writing and my alone time. - hich im pretty sure most of you do that too (taking time off just taking a breather : not having to worry about talkig to anyone). Anyway gonna start my book - toodles lovely readers! Xoxo

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