Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach up in Maine!

Aloha darling readers,

How are you lot doing? I had such an amazing weekend, I am totally suffering from it (in a bloody good way) - SERIOUS SHIT!

I have bruises all over me: I was wrestling the men (yes - even my man was in the wrestling competition) I was carried up and tossed into the beach by him.

It was totally awesome. We did tonnes of drinking all day long - we were hammered by the time I got tossed around like a burito!

I am completely burnt right now for being under the scorching sun for such a long period. Like way toasted!

His mates were so fun to hang out with. Absolutely love them. Of course loving my man more than ever.

Mind you readers, I took this picture when I was shit-faced! lol. right after my last picture I got ripped off my beach chair and thrown into the sand ! So I am really sorry for only being able to take these few pictures. 

 Welcome to Bjork Beach - Maine! 

 John's childhood friend - Ciaran (he is THE BOMB) 

Last but not least, a picture of my man ! <3 

Thats' all folks. I'm in horrid pain right now, gotta go lie like a dead fish on my bed, put some cucumber all over me to ease the bloody burning sensation over my body. Wrote this post just to update you with my current life. Hope you lot had fun reading this post. 

Again, thank you for the lovely message on my chatbox.You guys rock! Never forget that! 

Hugs and kisses!

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