Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Lovers Become Strangers

As I was scrolling through Facebook news feeds (hourly routine - its like a MUST) reading a synopsis of what's happening, who's dying, bitches stories, I'm-pregnant etc, I came through this article titled, "When Lovers Become Strangers".

Upon reading it, it hits me hard. It isn't easy to simply erase all existing memories since Day 1 to the last day you guys called it off. Yes, certain vivid ones will linger around, slowly taunting you with its tantalizing yet somewhat confusing mixtures of sweetness and bitterness. Do you cry? Or do you smile at the thought of it? I don't know.

There was this part whereby the writer mentioned that "I want to believe that you either love someone, in some way, forever, or you never really loved them at all. " 

It is truly perplexing because honestly, it has never crossed my mind even once (well maybe only ONCE) in my entire 25 years of living. Now, it has struck me. Perhaps the distance will soothe the pain. Perhaps.

I personally feel that it is outright saddening to have to scratch off the He/She's-The-One to Just-Friends, or maybe even an acquaintance. I thought he was The One until I realized, I am merely hoaxing myself into believing that we are so good together, happily ever after will be part of our ending. I haven't pulled the plug because deep down inside of me, there is a tiny part of me that screams out, "but.. but... BUT YOU LOVE HIM!".

Do I want to choose the pathway of making him a stranger? Unfortunately, I am still undecided yet, but I can tell you that my heart is slowly stiffening up. Slowly building up bricks around it, pushing him further into the gutters.

So no, I don't want to be put in such spotlight for this decision. I don't want to ever determine if my present or future lover a stranger. 

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