Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I need YOUR advice!

Okay, its been nearly 2 years. ONLY 2 years! and the amount of changes this relationship has gone through is impeccable. Nawww... Just KIDDING!

 Just like any other relationships, there are ups and downs in ours.

I have been immensely intense with us recently, and honestly, I can't exactly tell you why I feel such way. Making a relationship work is really tough. Well, at least for me. I'm not too sure about him. See, I always try to put myself in his shoes before a fight surfaces.

For instance, when my cousin told me he will be getting another male roommate, he literally expressed his unhappiness of having a male roommate, and definitely prefer a female one.
So, at first glance, I said to him, "oh is it because its cleaner to live with a female one as opposed to the male?"

To my surprise, he claims, "No, its not that. ...." (and he stops at that)

Of course I got so frustrated at him. What did he mean by that? I try not to care too much but it is slowly changing the perception of my idea of choosing this man and sacrificing so much for him. In the past nearly-2-years, he has nothing to worry about me because I dont' give him shit, I would rather take the public transportation in America than having him to pick me up or even walk in 4 inches snow/ walking to DD to get him breakfast during a snow storm while he comfortably sits at home watching TV.

Then, when he returned to Malaysia with me, I struggled wickedly hard to get him a job. Literally begging people I dont know to give him an opportunity. Finally, he has a job and guess what, hes still complaining about it.

I had even gave him my car, so he could travel 'comfortably' to work (though hes always boiling and yelling at the traffic!) while at one point in time, I had to take the public transportation (in MALAYSIA, which is bloody awful!), back home. Did I mention the danger of walking in Malaysia.

Not a single problem, and all I hear is ... complains complains complains.... work complains.... life complains... so many other hot girls out there.... this and that.

All of those pretty much made me think twice on this relationship and I honestly don't know anymore if I want to live like this.

So readers, drop in your faithful comments and share them with me.
Truly appreciate it!


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