Sunday, January 26, 2014


Again and again you would hear people saying the word, "Love" without any hesitancy and you'd be like, is that word not supposed to be so sacred that it should only be mentioned like once in a blue moon? Or perhaps, we haven't perfectly understood the true meaning of it, and hence the vain usage of the word.

Now that I have mentioned it. What is Love?

Love can come in so many different ways - say, I absolutely love my parents or I love you, boyfriend or I love my friends, etc.
But today, I want to share my thoughts on loving your partner and being fully committed to him/her.

So, remember the bloke I was seeing back in the States, John? Well, he returned to Malaysia (I think I have mentioned it earlier in my previous posts) and I must say, its a darn struggle for sure. For the both of us. Different types of struggles though. The first six months was about us trying to adapt with the cultural shock and everything else like the horrible traffic jams, some nasty smelling odor coming from the underground sewerage pipes or the garbage cans that are simply overflowing with thrash, the weird stares you get from the locals and even discrimination. Of course the biggest challenge was adapting to the weather, finding a job and communication wise. He had a hard time communicating with the locals here as their English proficiency are absolutely next to nothing. Well, at least most of em'.  (Even I have trouble understanding them) Finding a job was the toughest for the both of us. I just started my job and having a hard time coping with the work and company culture whilst looking high and low for a job opportunity for him. Finally, Thank God, he found a great job.

Then, what happens after he slowly jive into the Asian culture and environment? He's going to lose a lot of the excitement he once felt before leaving America. He's going to get bored. He's going to miss home and the norm especially his friends. Uh oh?! But its been 8 months, and thank the Lord, we are still together - overcoming the obstacles in front of us.

Of course, I am not going to deny and paint my life a perfect picture because clearly, it is not. No one's life is. Yes, we are happy together. Very in love. At least I know I love him. A lot. As I grow older with time and experiences, dating and finding that particular someone to fit your life, your interests, your personality, family, friends and everything else is never easy. Heck, I couldn't give two shit when I was younger as all I cared about was gorgeous looking males. I was like a man. Imprinting my scent as globally as I could.

Then I met him. He turned me into a home making little lady, a cook and a cleaner on my terms of course. I simply enjoyed doing that. Something which I have never dreamt of unless I was yelled at by my dear mother. The need to care for him surpasses nearly everything else I have ever cared for except for my family, job and friends of course.

Yes, we have gone through a roller coaster ride. It wasn't an easy one. We have our terrible fights, make up and it happens all over again. Nonetheless, I love him still if not even more. I am not perfect. So is he. But understanding this is what makes it so perfect. The commitment to stay and persevere with whatever hardships and problems are incredibly important. I have never been so committed in my life ever with anything. As a matter of fact, I have the tendency to give up fairly quickly. But recently, I realised that should I put my mind together to do something, it works out just fine. My current job, and my relationship.

So love, to me, is the willingness to care and nurture your partner to ensure that he is happy, building him up whenever he's down, reaching down to him anytime he needs it, and forgiveness and understanding.

Whats love to you?

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