Friday, June 22, 2012

Here comes Cheesy Post!

Here comes cheesy post here comes cheesy post! fra la la la !

Okay, here I am sweating like a bloody "whore in a church" (I quote John). He has the best metaphores ever! so i'm watching this youtube video - alan jackson (Remember When) and i'm crying like a goddamn baby poodle howling at the full moon. and I just want to write a poem about him. Enjoy loves.

Remember when

Dear John,

I remember when I first emailed you for drinks after my J.Cole concert,
I remember when I first met you downtown at the bar in Old Court,
I remember when you first ordered Sex on the beach for me,
I remember when that bartender snickered when you ordered that drink,
I remember when we first danced together on the dance floor,
I remember when I refrained myself from kissing you,
I remember when you texted me good morning the next day,
I remember when we started falling in love with one another,
I remember when you start revealing this other side of you I never knew you had in you,
I remember how I fell in love with you,
I can still remember how my heart skips two beats when I think of you now,
I remember every crazy meticulous detail of you,
Your heart beat,
Your calm, soothing voice,
Your touch,
Your hug,
Your gorgeous light brown eyes
Now, I have to find a time to tell you I love you.

I love you John. I love the way you look at me. I love the way you try to protect me. I love the way you show me you love me.

Dear God,
I thank you truly, for giving him to me. This is the best gift in my entire life. Hes my changing point. Hes my everything. Thank you. Please protect him from all evils and let him be happy always. I'm not going to be selfish and pray that I could keep him forever. Not saying that I dont want to, but that I am contented with this. To be able to experience this feeling, To love somebody to this extent. So ridiculous, I could tear at the thought of it. And to feel such strong love from him. I thank you God.


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