Thursday, February 27, 2014

When Life Sucks You In

Recently, I have been dealing with some of the grievance of my mates when they found out that their loved ones suffer from one of the deadliest disease, Cancer.

My biggest fear is definitely deaths, especially of the ones closest to me. I couldn't fathom the process of even having to go through the receiving of the news and brace myself in every scrap of courage and faith in me to deal with this. This is why I absolutely detest growing up, because as the number adds up year after year, the ones around me gets older and older.

When I first returned to Malaysia from the States, I had to firsthand witnessed the shrinkage of my dear ol' daddy brought tears to my eyes. Happiness, and more sadness to it. The man that once had the strength to lift my fat chubby ass up when I was a little girl, is now experiencing body aches and reduction of appetite. Even as I'm writing this while thinking of it brings heartache to my soul. I just wish I have all the power in the world to keep them alive as long as I live.

Life is short. Waking up every day feeling healthy is a blessing in disguise. People get so caught up with such materialistic matters, that they take so many things for granted. Worst of all, most of us think we have all the time in the world to spend time with our loved ones. It doesn't work that way. Money can't buy happiness. Chasing money only result in an increase of hunger and greed towards obtaining more Benjamin Franklins. In return, what do you normally get? Fraternizing with other women/men, drugs, unnecessary spending of money, and a BIG FAT ZERO time spent with your family.

Money is important, no one in this world can deny that fact. However, it is most certainly paramount to keep in mind and constantly reminding yourself to have a balance between work and time for your loved ones. Do not regret it last minute because there is definitely no way of you turning back time and restarting your old life, pondering what would be the alternative ending should you spend less time chasing the impossible while neglecting the ones that truly matters most. 

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